instagram It may be improving the commenting feature for Stories. According to tipster Alessandro Paluzzi, this function will be another way to interact with temporary posts, along with likes, reactions and direct messages.

in the name The “Hype” comment feature of the stories will also be visible to other people who view the temporary post. The format will serve as a space for your followers to interact with each other.

Users will be able to disable this feature at any time. As the screenshots show, it will be possible to allow interaction from anyone, only profiles you follow or no one (if you want to disable this function completely).

“Hype” is a feature still under development on Instagram, so information is still limited. For example, it is unknown whether comments will be available for Stories published in “Close Friends” or what interactions with closed profiles will look like.

Now, There are no predictions regarding the launch of the new product. Alessandro Paluzzi’s first publication on the feature was made in April of this year, so preparations for the application had been in the works for months.

Big news on Instagram

Recently, evidence has also been found of the development of “Your space”, a sort of secondary feed for “Close Friends”. In it, Instagram users will have all posts (photos, videos, and Reels) intended for the selected audience and a personalized profile photo, almost like a secondary profile.

Another interesting feature of Instagram, which is already available to everyone, is the ability to publish photos, videos and Reels only to “Close Friends”.

Source: Tec Mundo

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