In Russia, in two years, workers with salaries of more than 1 million rubles increased by 1.5 times, up to 24.5 thousand people. Most of the millionaire employees work in Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Moscow region, the Sverdlovsk region and the Krasnodar region. This is stated in the FinExpertiza study.

There are 1.5 times more Russians with a salary of 1 million rubles

The largest number of millionaires is in the sector of wholesale and retail trade – 4.3 thousand people, in the manufacturing industry – 3.97 thousand people, in finance and insurance – 3.66 thousand people, in jurisprudence, consulting, engineering and technical design, scientific research and development, marketing – 3.18 thousand people, as well as in the field of IT and telecommunications, television and radio, publishing – 2.5 thousand people.

The majority (79%) of Russian companies revised employee salaries during 2023. At the same time, half of employers are ready to increase workers’ salaries again at the beginning of 2024. Every second employee expects a Salary review. Employees under 34 years of age (57%) and with an income of 80,000 per month (57%) are more likely to receive a raise.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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