In the fall of 2023, a new supercomputer “MSU – 270 years” was launched, designed to solve various scientific problems. The rector of the university, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Viktor Sadovnichy, shared information about plans to use this powerful resource.

The supercomputer will be used to develop mathematical methods of machine learning, including the processing of voluminous textual scientific information. It will also be used for image mining, which will help create high-throughput plant phenotyping and precision farming techniques. In addition, the supercomputer will also be involved in predicting the quality of next-generation data networks.

Sadovnichy noted that this supercomputer is not only focused on solving specific problems, but is also designed to develop new methods and tools of artificial intelligence. It will be used in tasks in the field of information security, to create software and hardware for artificial intelligence systems, as well as to create representative data sets for the training of artificial intelligence systems in various fields.

Source: Ferra

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