Messenger will finally implement end-to-end encryption by default on all Facebook conversations, Meta announced this Thursday (7). The security feature will be available for personal messages and calls on the platform.

End-to-end encryption has been available on Messenger since 2016, but is optional. This is a feature available in major messaging programs including WhatsApp and Telegram.

Now that it’s enabled by default, All direct Messenger conversations will be safer from interception. The technology protects the content sent from the sender’s device to the recipient, preventing other people or even Meta from seeing what is sent or said.

Edit messages in Messenger

Another feature that is expected to come to Messenger is the ability to edit messages. As with WhatsApp, users will now be able to change the content of messages for up to 15 minutes.

Messenger finally lets you edit sent messages.

The modified message will be accompanied by an “Edited” badge on the chat screen. This way the recipient will know that the content has been modified by the person concerned.

24 hour temporary messages

Once enabled, temporary messages in Messenger remain valid for 24 hours after being sent. Additionally, Meta is “improving the interface” to better indicate when ad-hoc mode is enabled.

Temporary Messenger messages now last 24 hours.

Read confirmation check

Messenger finally allows the user to decide whether they want to confirm that messages have been read. When disabled, people won’t know if the conversation is opened or not.

Improvements in sending media

Messenger has made it easier to access photos and videos on messenger. The platform now displays photo sets more clearly, improves the quality of uploads, and adds dynamic layouts.

Sending images in Messenger has been improved.

Expedited voice messages

Finally, the last addition announced for Messenger was the ability to play voice messages at 1.5x or 2x speed. Moreover, the application now allows you to browse your mobile phone while listening to the message.

Phased distribution

In the announcement, Meta did not go into detail about when the new features would come to Messenger. However, it is likely that they will be released gradually with an update.

Source: Tec Mundo

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