Pass blank notes This is perhaps one of the most hated and boring tasks. However, this is practical for studying, since you read and write the same thing several times. But if you prefer to take a shortcut, today it is possible. scan notes and convert them in digital documents. With them you can add images, more text and decorate this content so this is more for you easy to view or share with friends and colleagues.

In the previous article we saw that thanks to tools built into iOS and Android You can extract text from an image and thus scan handwritten notes with ease. You take a photo of each page, capture the handwritten text, and export it to a document so you can edit it later and/or print it as is. You can also take notes directly from your tablet or mobile phone. fingers or a special pencil. And then calmly edit this content at home.

Below we offer you four applications specialized in scan handwritten notes. That is, recognizing text that is on an image or paper and translating it into printed or handwritten text. Moreover, they include additional features that will make your work easier. organize your notesfind what you’re looking for and ultimately save your notes, even if you later lose the original.


We’ll start with Scribzee, a complete application for students available on web version and with applications for Android, iOS and iPadOS. Their job is to help you photograph your handwritten notes so you always have them with you. And instead of scanning notes into printed text, you simply get a good scan so you can see it clearly but identical to the original.

With your digitized notes, you can create folders, set study reminders, and make notes above the original notes. In addition, it has search engine that recognizes handwritten text find a specific word. And on top of that, it has several features designed to organize your academic daily life.

Basically, Scribzee works well with any paper and notepad, although on their official website they recommend scanning notes made in notebooks of three main brands: Oxford, Hamelin and European. This way you will avoid surprises and be sure that the application extract content correctly to better edit and categorize it.

Notepad Scanner

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It positions itself as a scanning application students and teachers. Notebloc Scanner basically consists of taking a photo of your notes and saving them as a PDF. No matter if you have Android or iPhone. So try to write well. Once you have the image or images, you can organize them into folders, share them, print them again…

However, the Notebloc scanner also has OCR features. That is, text recognition in images. So, in addition to scanning your notes to save them in their original form, you can extract text for editing from your phone or computer using third-party applications. Overall the application is simple. No registration, no username, and just the basics to keep your notes safe. even if you lose your notepad or original paper.

Printing pen

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The name of this Pen to Print app really sums up what these types of apps do. Scan your handwritten notes to have a digital equivalent. And, if possible, type it to edit it from office tools, and then save it as a PDF or print it. In this case, in addition to receiving the original, the application converts the text directly into editable text thanks to your support for optical character recognition. Plus, it supports text in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, etc. Come on, any text that uses Latin alphabet.

The free version will remain there. Although if you create an account, you can download up to 10 scanned pages. In his online version or its versions for iPhone and Android. And if you proceed to checkout, you’ll get more Pen to Print options. Because opportunity export scan to other applications. So you can edit it, copy it, save it and share it in thousands of ways. Or save the scan result and access it from within the application itself.


Extract text from images using ScreenOCR

If you’re looking for something a little easier, ScreenOCR can help you scan notes and any handwritten text from papers, posters, or whiteboards. It is available for Android And iPhone. And it is compatible with more than 50 languagesbecause he uses Google OCR technology. Consequently, it also offers translation of texts into more than 20 languages ​​using Google Translate.

With ScreenOCR you can scan texts, convert them into digital format, and then translate, classify and/or export them into digital format. plain text or PDF. Everything is simple and without decoration. Its free version is funded by advertising. Every day you can use it six times for free. And if you want to use it more intensively, you’ll need to sign up for one of their payment plans.

Source: Hiper Textual

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