A deadly crime was reported in Cali on Friday afternoon, December 8th. The dismembered body of a 14-year-old girl was found in an automotive paint shop in the San Judas neighborhood. It was reported that the young man had been missing since the night of December 7.

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Apparently, the little boy went to a store at night to buy items that his parents had entrusted to him and never returned. The body parts of the child, identified as Michel Dayana Gonzales Sierra, were found in the garbage dump of the workshop located on 23rd Street and 43rd Street..

Cali Metropolitan Police Commander Daniel Gualdrón said the following about the painful events: “Investigations show that this child went to a workplace around 20:00 last night to buy some items and Apparently, he was accepted into this workshop by deception after returning home.“.

Commander, after the officials entered the workshop, They began to see traces of blood on the floor, which led them to some trash cans under the stairs at work.. “In that trash bin were found parts of a small child and a suitcase,” Gualdrón said.

Authorities have already identified the person who appears to be the perpetrator of the crime and have shared images offering a reward of 100 million pesos for information leading to his capture. According to the information obtained, the name Harold Andrés Echeverry.

“This is a fact that we, as the Judicial Police, are present in terminals and airports, in neighborhoods and municipalities in Cali, with all our human and logistical capacity. We ask citizens to show solidarity to catch this criminal.” added the Police Commander.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs said, “In disproportionate incidents, they cost the life of a 15-year-old child. We are offering a reward of up to 100 million pesos for information that will enable us to catch the person allegedly responsible for this death.” Cali Safety and Justice, Jimmy Dranguet.

Juan Pablo Penagos Ramirez

Source: Exame

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