We are talking about the new smart kettle Xiaomi Mi Home Constant Temperature Electric Kettle P1 Quiet Edition, which promises to boil water with almost no noise.

A special feature of this kettle is that it can boil water with a noise level of only 47 dB, which is achieved by using special noise reduction technology and anti-noise coating on its interior.

Additionally, the kettle is equipped with a “real-time” function that allows you to monitor the water temperature and offers four fixed temperature settings (45°C, 60°C, 70°C and 85°C), which are ideal. for different types of tea and other beverages.

This 1800 W kettle also provides fast water heating.

Xiaomi Mi Home Constant Temperature Electric Kettle P1 Quiet Edition is already available for purchase, and the limited offer price is only 179 yuan (about 2,200 rubles).

Source: Ferra

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