Of course, if you’re considering changing your Android terminal for an Apple iPhone, you’ve been in for the unpleasant surprise of not being able to adequately share the history of your recorded chats. What’s up? from one device to another. Well, this is something that has finally come to an end, as is yet known.

The truth is that it was quite something incomprehensible, since last year added compatibility to travel in the other direction: from iPhone to Android. The reasons why the other possibility did not activate are unknown but the truth is that it was not known until now that this possibility already existed. And the way to announce it was none other than a Facebook message from Mark Zuckerberg (we mustn’t forget that the messaging app belongs to Meta).

The truth is that data management issues and more specifically encryption these are in the past. Of course you shouldn’t expect a harmless process and it’s in a few steps because you have to use the app named to complete it. move to iOS Found in the Google Play Store app store and created specifically by Apple. It’s very simple to use, that’s true, but there’s one more step you need to complete to get a full transition from Android to iOS.

Are there any restrictions for this WhatsApp pass?

The truth is yes, but it has all the logic in the world. This is because the process to enable the transfer of recorded chats should include: a new or factory reset iPhone. In this case, when the information to be copied in the application is selected, the option to select WhatsApp conversations appears. Once the transfer and configuration process is finished and the messaging app starts with the same phone number, you will see that everything has been copied perfectly.

Chat in WhatsApp


Other requirements that are important to know are that the minimum required version on the Android terminal is the fifth version of the Google operating system. When it comes to iPhones, the must-have iOS 15.5 or higher, otherwise the process will not complete properly. This is very important: if you already have WhatsApp with some kind of history, you should know that the copy will not be made.

A good advance is required

The truth is, this new option for the WhatsApp messaging app is a very positive thing, if not something it achieves on its own (as it’s an Apple app). Multiple users had to losing or leaving conversations saved in the old Android terminal. And the truth is, it doesn’t make much sense to continue that in these times.

Source: Cincodias Elpais

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