fire fox announced that it will activate the default feature Complete protection against cookies, a feature that will prevent companies from tracking your browsing behavior. This is possible with technology that restricts cookies to the site they were created on, so they cannot be tracked when you open another website.

According to Mozilla, total cookie protection aims to solve one of the biggest privacy issues on the internet. Have you ever wondered why you see ads on Instagram for things you searched on Google or sites you just browsed? Third party cookies used by ad servers track your behavior and create a profile to create personalized ads.

The hyper-targeted ads you see so often on the web are made possible by cookies, which are used to track your browsing behavior and build an extremely sophisticated profile of who you are.

Cookie Protection Firefox creates a “cookie” for every website you visit. and limit the scanners to analyze your behavior in that bank only. Total Cookie Protection prevents tracking when you go to another website because the browser will create a new jar. In practice, this function reduce the amount of information companies collect about usso we will stop seeing aggressive ads.

Firefox will not allow third-party cookies to track your browsing behavior.

Here’s how cookie protection works in Firefox. Illustration by Megan Newell

Mozilla claims that no website can access external cookie containersso user privacy is guaranteed. Total Cookie Protection is the evolution of Tracking Protection, a feature launched in 2015 as part of Firefox Private Browsing that blocks ads, analytics trackers, and social media buttons that analyze your behavior and collect data without your knowledge.

The company has experimented with different models to protect user privacy while browsing Firefox. In addition to full cookie protection or private browsing, Firefox has other tricks up its sleeve, such as facebook container. this extension prevents Meta from tracking your movements on the web by isolating your activity to prevent Mark Zuckerberg’s data collectors from stealing your data. Also on offer is Firefox Focus, a mobile browser that eliminates all our activities when we close it.

Firefox’s new cookie protection will be enabled by default. to all users. While this feature will ensure safe browsing, it doesn’t hurt to take a few precautions. The most important step when we visit the site for the first time is do not click “Yes, I accept” for cookie notification.

By law, sites offer a button to customize them and a detailed report on the purpose of cookies. Some websites try to downplay the importance of cookie settings by making the button less visible, small letters, or trying to confuse the user. It’s always good to take an extra minute reject anything related to ads and personalized contentstatistics or measurement.

Source: Hiper Textual

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