The board of directors of the Medsi Group announced personnel changes in the company: Elena Brusilova, who headed the chain of clinics for the past 9 years, was replaced as interim president by the former financial director of the Pyaterochka chain of stores (X5 Group) and top manager ” TNK-BP” Andrey Sokolov.

And about. Andrey Sokolov, former financial director of Pyaterochka, took over the presidency of Medsi

“Elena Anatolyevna remains on the board of directors of the Medsi group of companies,” they report on the clinic chain’s website and specify that the former director is leaving “for a new project” (“I received an interesting offer to continue my career and decided try your luck in a new field “).

Andrey Sokolov in his new position “will focus on the development of a network of clinics in Russia and on new markets in the CIS countries.” As clarifies, Medsi previously registered two international brands, Medsi International Healthcare and Medsi Competence Medicine, to provide medical services in the markets of Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, etc.

One of the leading chains of medical clinics in the Russian Federation, showing high results in terms of share in overall revenue growth and regularly taking first place in the authoritative industry rankings Forbes, Vademecum, RBC, etc., during Brusilova’s leadership opened 111 new clinics in the country and increased the team to 15 thousand people, among whom there are more than 5 thousand doctors.

Over the years of working at Medsi, Brusilova contributed to the launch of the digital telemedicine platform SmartMed and her own laboratory and diagnostic network SmartLab, the creation of a franchise program and the development of many other projects.

“I am grateful to the entire great team at Medsi.” <…> for the implementation of ideas on the introduction of unique medical competencies, new services and areas of healthcare, telemedicine, innovation, advanced treatment methods and technologies. <…> “I am sure that the company will continue its active development both in the Russian regions and in the CIS countries and will maintain its leading status,” she says.

Today, the surface area of ​​Medsi’s medical assets amounts to more than 300 thousand square meters. m, the network operates 145 medical centers in the capital and 15 regions, which are visited by more than 1.5 million patients.

The network of clinics was one of the first in the medical field to take advantage of the possibilities of working with AI (“Third Opinion”). And in 2020-2022. Medsi actively worked with startups in the field of medical technology, launching its own accelerator and investing in promising projects.

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Ekaterina Alipova

Source: RB

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