The German alcoholic beverage manufacturer Jagermeister lost 197 million rubles in court in a case related to trademark protection. The lawsuit was filed against the Russian plant Kristall and the retailer WineStyle, but was rejected. Jagermeister demanded a ban on the production and sale of the Alter Heiler and Konig Heiler liqueurs.

Jagermeister lost a 197 million ruble trademark protection case in court

The arbitration court dismissed German alcoholic beverage manufacturer Jagermeister’s claim against distillery Kristall and retailer WineStyle in a case over the protection of trademark rights. Prime writes about this.

The amount of the claim was 197 million rubles. Jagermeister demanded to recover this money from the Kristall plant and from WineStyle for violating the rights of the brands of the Alter Heiler and Konig Heiler liqueurs. Jagermeister also called for banning the production and sale of these drinks.

Jagermeister insisted that the packaging design of Alter Heiler and Konig Heiler was similar to that of Jagermeister. WineStyle complied with Jagermeister’s demands after receiving the complaint. “Crystal” did not make concessions, pointing out that there are differences in the design and layout of the labels. Kristall also insisted that it was impossible to confuse the products, as his drinks were much cheaper than Jagermeister’s.

Jagermeister left the Russian market in November 2022. Shortly thereafter, Kristall began supplying Alter Heiler and Konig Heiler to retail chains.


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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