Amazon announced this Wednesday (17), its new line of Echo devices for the Brazilian market. It is scheduled for release on May 31. The new Echo Pop is coming to the country with a suggested price of R$349 and for the Echo Dot 5 with and without a watch, R$529 and R$429 a new base for charging.

The new Echo Pop was one of the highlights of the announcement and reached the global market. to count different “hemispherical” shaped designit has a vertical speaker while its base is at the back with a round shape.

According to Amazon, the directional speaker is ideal for smaller spaces such as bedrooms, dormitories or apartments. The device comes equipped with the proprietary AZ2 Neural Edge processor and has chassis support; Amazon offers a choice of seven colors in the catalog at launch.

The company also points out that: new product has a 1.6″ speaker and a physical switch to turn off the microphone. There is still a light bar at the top of the pop that indicates the device’s actions, such as when listening to the user or giving a response based on the Alexa virtual assistant.

New Echo Dot 5

The new 5th generation New Echo Dot arrives in Brazil in two options: one with a watch, the other without a watch. The gadget was officially presented in September last year, with the same neural chip as the Echo Pop.

Among the highlights of the new Echo Dot 5, The watch model has a temperature sensor, new gestures to control the device (thanks to an accelerometer) and updated LED lights which brings more brightness, higher resolution and can display more information.

Echo Dot 5

The company also claims to have updated the audio architecture of the device. With its 1.73″ speaker, it promises immersive, lossless sound “in any environment”.

A word from Amazon for 2023: Adding “even more productive AI-powered experiences for Alexa year-round”. The company’s move is mainly driven by investments in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) market by competitors such as Microsoft and Google.

The Echo Dot 5 and Echo Pop gained a charging base with prices of R$229 and R$189 respectively. The accessory allows you to use “wireless” speakers, as there is a built-in battery. The pre-sale of the products is already open on the Amazon website.

Image: Echo Dot 5th generation
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Enjoy an even better audio experience with the new 5th generation Echo Dot and hear clearer vocals, stronger bass and crisp sound in any environment.

Image: Echo Dot 4th Gen
Image: Tecmundo Recommends

Meet the 4th generation Echo Dot, Amazon’s most successful smart speaker with Alexa. Ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms and more.

Source: Tec Mundo

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