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The classic postcard of every sci-fi villain novel is the one that features the enemy living on a walled island in the middle of a vast ocean, with strange shapes and an entire underground network of technology. It looks like that’s exactly what the billionaire is doing. Mark Zuckerberg V island of Kauai, in Hawaii.

These will be two interconnected mansions, post-apocalyptic bunker and a self-sufficiency system.

7 curiosities about Zuckerberg’s bunker

Image used with permission of the copyright holder
    • The project is located on the Ko’olau Ranch and is valued at more than $100 million. In Wired magazine, the Kauai architect compared Zuckerberg’s ambitions to those of ancient kings who killed their architects to protect palace secrets, while those on the ground likened the project to top-secret military installations and the battle club in the movie Combat. Club.”
    • Some have speculated that Zuckerberg intends to turn the structure into an apocalyptic bunker, which could explain the presence of a blast-proof door and a metal underground shelter reinforced with concrete, more on that later. This could also explain the resort’s self-sufficient water and power systems, as well as the agricultural operations on the property.
    • Zuckerberg’s Koolau ranch consists of more than a dozen buildings, including 30 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, two townhouses, offices, meeting rooms, elevators and an industrial kitchen to feed everyone.
    • Adjacent to the two mansions is a third building designed for rest and relaxation. It includes all the luxuries of a spa, country club and gym in one, with multiple pools, a sauna, a bathhouse, a hot tub, a gym and even a tennis court.
    • The bunker has secret doors: Many of the doors in the complex are solid, meaning they are designed to blend in with the surrounding walls. There are several anti-explosions and to stop sound.
    • bunker construction was shrouded in secrecy. All employees appear to have signed a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), meaning they cannot talk about the project or share information with anyone. Employees who leak details on social media are fired, and other employees avoid communicating with each other for fear of similar consequences.
    • Deep inside Mark Zuckerberg’s Hawaiian enclave lies a bizarre structure straight out of Mirkwood: a network of 11 flying saucer-shaped treehouses connected to each other by a system of rope bridges.

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