Every year, the processors of digital devices are getting more powerful, which means that the amount of memory, including RAM, increases. The RAM standard is updated every two years, so you should get a smartphone with a margin of several years. For example, the minimum amount of RAM for comfortable work until 2023 is 4 GB. But buying such a smartphone is worth it only if you have very little money.

The optimal amount of RAM today can be called 6 GB. They will certainly be enough for fast work for the next two to three years.

But this rule is only suitable for Android devices. The situation is different with iOS. The most powerful iPhone model to date, the 14 Pro Max has 6GB of RAM. But this is because the operating system of Apple smartphones is better optimized and generally uses the company’s own components.

In general, a large amount of RAM is not necessary for a smartphone. This is because, on average, the RAM standard is increasing by 1.5GB per year. Let’s say the volume of 6 GB (with the standard 4 GB) is enough for about three years of operation. Also, if you do not use the entire amount of memory, the power will be spent on all its elements.

Source: Ferra

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