The Guardian found that neither the schools nor previous employers nor the internet information Lewis included in his CV could be verified. Universities denied his visits, companies said they had no records of him, and his only social media presence was in HyperVerse promotional materials. Even the celebrities who support him are questionable at best.

The “ghost CEO” theory is not new. Rumors have been floating around the internet for years, with questions being raised about Lewis’ sudden appearance ahead of HyperVerse and his absence from the network. Now the Guardian’s investigation is adding fuel to the fire by suggesting it was a carefully planned charade to lure investors into a potential fraud scheme.

Adding to the doubts, HyperVerse collapsed amid allegations of a pyramid scheme, leaving thousands of investors facing losses exceeding $1.3 billion. Although the investigation cannot definitively prove that HyperVerse is a scam, Lewis’ disappearance casts a large shadow over the company’s legitimacy.

Source: Ferra

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