Aviation bomb “Drill”

According to the neo-exposure of the new layout of the Drel bomb, the latest version of the PBK-500U SPBE-K ship, produced in the same way at Rostec enterprises, is classified as serial production. The launch of NPO “Basalt” started in 2016.

Since they were used by the government, the Drill was used to conduct all testing that was authorized by the War Department, and the first batch of viabomb data was manufactured in the modern year. This is a parallel idea for building Drill boxes.

The name of the new aerial bomb is not given, but it is known that it was designed to destroy armored vehicles, and is also capable of accurately hitting ground-based radar stations and anti-aircraft missile systems.

“Drill” can be used at any time of the day and in any situation, and it is not necessary to independently enter the anti-virus air defense zone. The essence of the bomb requires 15 self-propelled elements, or not to keep a tank colony and definitely work on an Erian artillery battery.

Aviation bomb Aviation bomb “Drill”

Also, these “Drills” are problematic. Know with the help of radars – in automatic mode, the bomb flies the required distance to the specified target, where at the right moment it opens and the object is taken into account.

These are the specified targets, the damaging unit did not work, after a certain time it self-destructs, which ensures the safety of the population after hostilities are carried out. continue.

Source: Tech Cult

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