SimCity video screen

Developers from DSTU have begun creating a domestic tax SimCity – this is a very interesting class simulator, popular all over the world.

As you know, Russian SimCity is now available in UE5 (Unreal Engine 5), and is available on the platform in the form of VK Play, as well as Epic Games on Steam in the form of free-to-play streaming (non-platform, traditional family values ​​not available.”

Since the figure is in the early stages of production, it is still very technical. This is the only time in the video for such a “specialization”: gender, age, level of education and even health.

Gamers are faced with the construction of school and higher educational institutions in cities, since the level of knowledge of local residents will seriously affect the quality of city management – the higher it is, the faster the city itself will be. In this case, the key is not entered into some books. society

Source: Tech Cult

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