There is very little time left until Apple Vision Pro starts selling in some parts of the world. But anyone who wants to test Apple’s mixed reality headset will have to go through a complex installation in stores.

According to journalist Mark Gurman Bloomberg, every Apple Vision Pro reveal is seen by the company like an “experience” for the consumer. The goal for him is for him to instantly perceive different aspects of the product and a high degree of customization.

Apple Vision Pro goes on sale From 2 February 2024, both in the company’s physical stores and online. However, the product is supposed to be in limited stock at launch, which means it may sell out quickly.

What the Apple Vision Pro demo looks like

According to Gurman, the process of trying Apple Vision Pro begins as follows: a company store employee scanning the user’s face.

This is necessary both to set up Face ID, which unlocks the device, and to determine the quality of one’s vision. Since it is not possible to use glasses with headphones, The lenses used by the consumer are also scanned using the same device that quickly calculates the required degrees of correction.

Later the same employee Get a pair of ready-made lenses that fit your prescription generated by device and plug them into the headset. Only then does the person begin to receive guidance on how to use the device.

In total, the demo takes about 25 minutes, not counting the image setup process. This includes the consumption of apps from partner developers, as well as photos and videos, including “spatial videos” recorded in 3D.

Apple Vision Pro will be sold for US $ 3,499 (approximately R$ 17,100 in direct currency conversion). Now, There are no predictions regarding the launch of the device in other regions including Brazil.

Source: Tec Mundo

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