According to information from a Kaspersky report, since the beginning of 2022, The company detected and blocked nearly 200,000 attempts to steal cryptocurrencies or investor credentials.. The company also discovered malicious files using the names of the 20 most popular wallets.

The rapid growth of the cryptocurrency market has also increased the creation of different schemes to steal assets. Even until the end of April, more registered 50,000 blocks related to these criminal activities.

While some scams are carried out by airdrops to wallets and exchanges, in other cases, malware is sent to steal victims’ money. In 2022 alone, Kaspersky blocked more than 193,000 phishing attempts against potential investors or miners.

Fraud, fraud and theft

“Scams using cryptocurrencies are already a reality, and investors need to be particularly careful to avoid them – especially fake messages, because they are easy to create and exploit and exploit through people’s carelessness and lack of knowledge,” said the head of research, Kaspersky’s expert on theft. , Alexey Marchenko.

Some criminals impersonate cryptocurrency wallet websites to steal users’ security keys and passwords, and when information is stolen, scammers can transfer assets to other accounts. Many cases also occur with malware disguised as digital wallets, and this year alone Kapersky blocked 1,400 downloads.

The company claims that the brands most used to deceive users are Binance (75%), Electrum (10%) and MetaMask (9%), and that viruses such as trojans, spyware and ransomware can be accompanied by fake applications.

Source: Tec Mundo

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