Martin Bucknavage, a senior specialist in the food safety program at Pennsylvania State University, explained that if the water bottle is not washed and moisture is present in it, mold and harmful bacteria will grow. This can lead to unpleasant health consequences.

According to experts, the reusable water bottle needs to be washed regularly. But every day or every few days – this depends on several factors. If you use a bottle every day, it’s wise to wash it every week or every other day, says Rutgers University food science professor Donald Schaffner. But if the bottle is constantly in your purse or backpack, it will most likely get dirty faster. Plastic can also contain more bacteria and still absorb odors.

Martin Bucknavage still recommends washing your water bottle at the end of each day. Just like plates, glasses, and containers for food or liquids.

If you fill the bottle with something other than water (e.g. coffee), you’d better wash it after each use. Coffee or sugary drinks facilitate the growth of bacteria and, to a lesser extent, mold growth.

Washing the bottle in the dishwasher is the most effective method. But only if it can be placed there. You can also wash it by hand, but you can use special cleaning products.

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Source: Ferra

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