Researchers modeled the cost of automating a variety of tasks in the United States, focusing on jobs that use computer vision, such as teachers and real estate appraisers. It turns out that for only 23% of workers, replacing a new worker would be economically justified. In other cases, humans performed tasks more economically due to the high costs of implementing and operating AI in computer vision.

According to the research, the most favorable cost-benefit ratio of computer vision is found in the retail, transportation and warehousing and healthcare segments. Experts believe that greater adoption of AI, especially through AI-as-a-service subscription offerings, could expand applications and make them more affordable.

The adoption of AI across industries has accelerated after tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT demonstrated the technology’s potential. Tech companies from Microsoft and Alphabet in the US to Baidu and Alibaba in China have launched new AI services and accelerated development plans. But concerns about the impact of artificial intelligence on jobs have long been a central issue.

Source: Ferra

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