Installation is planned for the second half of this year and the system is expected to operate for at least 5 years. Starting from 2025, part of the computing system will be made available for national research within the National Center for High Performance Computing (NHR).

The HPC system will also be available to all researchers at the University of Paderborn and other scientists within the framework of scientific research in the North Rhine-Westphalia region. The new HPC system, with almost twice the processing power, will complement the existing Noctua 2 supercomputer at the Paderborn Parallel Computing Center (PC2).

The system will include a ThinkSystem SD665 V3 server with the latest AMD processor technology for the CPU section. For GPU nodes, it is planned to use the ThinkSystem SD665-N V3 server, equipped with four NVIDIA H100 graphics processors in addition to AMD processors. The total number of cores exceeds 136,000.

Source: Ferra

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