Video platform YouTube has detailed how the service will approach artificial intelligence (AI)-generated content. The guidelines were announced today (06) in a post on the company’s official blog.

According to the text signed by CEO Neal Mohan, YouTube “Potential to stimulate creativity” productive artificial intelligence. On the other hand, the company recognizes its “responsibility to protect the community” and will demand identification of clips made or modified with digital elements.

YouTube in the coming months Implement a tagging system for content created or edited with AI. The creators themselves will have to declare that the video is synthetic, meaning it was made with such digital sources.

The trademark applies to works made from scratch, as well as facial modifications or actions of real people (deepfakes).

In addition to the tag that may appear as duplicates on videos with more sensitive content, Content that violates community guidelines will be removed. This includes, for example, the display of realistic violence or misinformation.

The resources arrive in time for implementation in at least two major election cycles in 2024: presidential elections in the United States, which are in the primary period and scheduled for November 5, and municipal elections in Brazil, the first round of which is scheduled for 2024. 6 November October.

Already anticipating attempts to bypass new mechanisms, the platform says, “We know that malicious users will inevitably try to bypass these protection barriers, and some may succeed. We will incorporate user feedback and learning to continually improve our protections.”

More YouTube rules involving AI

In addition to tags and bans on certain content, YouTube also announced the following: Provide communication channels for people to request removal of content Created by artificial intelligence that “simulates an identifiable person,” whether famous or not.

Also record companies and copyright holders may request removal of imitations of the artist’s voice without proper authorization for use.

YouTube has confirmed that it uses artificial intelligence internally in some processes. In this case the company Embedded functions to increase “speed and accuracy” in content moderation systems.

Source: Tec Mundo

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