Instagram and Threads will stop recommending political posts

Target announced that will stop recommending political content on Instagram and Threads. After years of controversy over the 2020 US election, the company has taken a major step in this area. Starting today, your social media algorithm will no longer promote political posts from accounts you don’t follow.

The measure will apply to recommendations that we find in the feed, on the Review tab, or among suggested users. on Instagram and Threads. According to an Instagram blog post, the company has decided to change its approach to offer a good experience for everyone. This feature will be optionalso if you want to see political or social posts in your feed, you just need to enable it in your user settings.

“People have told us they want to see less political content, so we’ve spent the last few years improving our approach to Facebook to reduce the amount of political content (including from politicians’ accounts) visible in Feed, Reels, Views and Groups. – Meta mentioned on the website of the Center for Transparency. “As part of this, we strive to avoid recommendations that may involve politics or political topics, in line with our approach of not recommending certain types of content to those who do not wish to view it.”

Controls to avoid political content on Instagram and Threads

Instagram said updating its recommendations will apply to public accounts of people classified as politicians (rulers, officials, etc.). This measure will not take effect if you follow any of these accounts, as the algorithm will continue to display content in your feed. Likewise, if you’re not a politician but you post content related to laws, elections, or social issues, your followers will be able to see it in their feed or stories.

Instagram and Threads Say Goodbye to Politics, and Facebook Is Next

Meta will start limiting political recommendations on Instagram and Threads, although they won’t be the only ones. The technology company has confirmed that this feature will later also be implemented on Facebook as an additional control element.

“If you choose to follow accounts that post political content, we don’t want to come between you and your posts, but we also don’t want to actively recommend political content from accounts you don’t follow,” Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, says in Threads.

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Implementation of this measure caused mixed reactions. On the one hand, many people note that the algorithm does not take political content into account, as this is one of the reasons they left Twitter. However, others believe that it is disguised censorship that will affect the discussion of important topics.

The main question everyone asks: What is political content for Meta? The Center for Transparency’s website does not clearly define how it labels these publications. It simply says that their AI systems rely on surveys or personalized signals to help them understand what content is informative, relevant or useful.

“Please clarify what is considered “political.” Climate change news? News about vaccines and pandemics? Human rights? There are a lot of important things going on that intersect with politics, but people still need to know about them,” responded Shauna Wright (Goldgate blonde) on Threads.

A common complaint across nearly 900 responses to Adam Mosseri, Instagram’s chief executive, is that the platform needs to clarify what content will be affected. Of course, a significant number of users believe that This is a better alternative to maintaining a platform without toxicity. and thus prevent him from becoming the new X (Twitter).

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