6% of supply chain participants surveyed are already using AI, and 11% think it is critical; This number is expected to increase. How can artificial intelligence help? For example, it can predict future demand changes, prevent shortages and overages, track inventory in real time, eliminate human error and automate orders, experts say.

Taking into account cost, reliability and flexibility, AI even identifies the best suppliers for each product and optimizes internal processes from production to delivery.

Will AI destroy jobs in the supply chain? Although AI capabilities are constantly increasing, some limitations mean humans will continue to be needed:

  • AI Hallucinations: Misinformation generated by AI can have disastrous consequences.

  • Ethical issues: The use of data and possible biases raise ethical concerns.

This is just a small part of the whole situation, but for now we can say that people will not stray too far from the supply chain.

Source: Ferra

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