One of the most popular construction games of recent years is Minecraft.A simulator that creates various buildings while teaching children creative thinking, problem solving, geometry and teamwork.

This simulator offers its users the opportunity to create a fantastic and artistic world by using three-dimensional cubes that make it possible to create different scenarios.

Minecraft is divided into five game genres such as Survival, Creative, Adventureous, Hardcore and Spectator, representing different levels and scenarios, allowing for a fully immersive and cooperative experience.

In recent months, Minecraft has been talked about as an educational tool.

Since the creation of this video game in 2011, the interest of teachers and parents has gradually increased, as this simulator has been observed to contribute to the education and reasoning of several children.

The Minecraft world is known to be infinite and based on blocks, with the vast majority of cubes having the same dimensions. Thus, being a world built from scratch with its own tools increases the creativity and imagination of various users.

According to the Educo organization, a global collaborative NGO for development and humanitarian action, Play provides a variety of benefits to children and young people of all ages through exploratory and contributing immersion.

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Several schools have used this video game to teach students the history of the Egyptian pyramids.. For example, they invite them to connect in a room as they construct various buildings and explore a bit of the history of this ancient civilization.

Also, some teachers explain different subjects such as science, math, geometry, history and Spanish with dynamic activities that teach logic and problem solving.

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The challenges are greater as it is an immersive game. For example, some users can escape from the terrain and destroy everything. As they explain, when children face challenging scenarios, they try to find solutions and reflect on planning, organizing and devising a plan.

Children immersed in a world of construction can create anything they can imagine. They can develop their creativity as they research and discover how to create the universe they want.

Players can form alliances when it comes to protecting their territory. For example, the kids start working as a team with a few classmates to protect their castle, some search for materials to build a barrier, while others devise a plan of attack.

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Having multiple missions within the game forces them to focus and pay attention to what they do to survive. Thus, by being aware of their own world, they will be able to develop basic skills for real life. concentration and attention.

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