It is now easier to delete data from accounts connected to applications and games that offer the ability to create profiles on Android. The process of removing information has been simplified following an update to the Play Store It was launched by Google last Monday (12).

Previously, the user had to look for the option to remove their data in the app settings or on the developer page When you decide to stop using this software. For this reason, many people got lost in this process and did not request that their information be deleted.

But with the update This entire process is now just a matter of tapping a link that leads to the website of the person responsible for the app. It can be found in the “Data Security” section on the page of the program in question in the official Android store; You have to scroll down to see the option.

By tapping on the “You can request deletion of data” option, the user is redirected to the developer’s website where they must complete a request to delete their information associated with the app or game. The new feature has been rolled out in the latest Google Play Store update (v39.7), which will gradually reach users.

Direct delete in app still pending

Although the new option to delete app and game account data on Play Store makes the process easier, A way to request removal of information directly from the app is still awaited. In this way, the user will not need to resort to external sources to place an order.

Last year, Google notified developers who offered the ability to create accounts in their programs that: You need to provide solutions for instant deletion of data at any time, both in the app itself and on the web. For now the first option has not been launched yet.

Therefore, users interested in increasing privacy should use the currently available link in the Play Store to ask the person responsible for the application to delete their data when they no longer want to use the software on their mobile phones.

Source: Tec Mundo

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