It’s no secret that the Yandex voice assistant is more useful than the default Siri for Russian-speaking iPhone users. It is impossible to change the standard assistant in iOS, but you can easily set up a convenient launch of Alice using the automation command.

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How to Use Alice Instead of Siri on iPhone and iPad

1. download free app Teams.

2. Download the command from the link. The script was created and modified by the developer, he actively responds to comments and makes edits to the team.

3. Click on the three dots to make changes to the command text. In the second block, you need to submit the application through which the assistant leads and the method of entering the command (text or voice).

You can launch Alice through the application:

▣ Yandex with Alice;

▣ House with Alice;

▣ Yandex Browser.

The first time you run the command, grant all required permissions.

4. To launch the command was convenient, it is recommended to configure activation on the back panel of the smartphone.

To do this in Settings – Accessibility – Touch – Back Touch. Select double or triple tap and specify a command. Alice.

Now, while in any application, on the desktop or when the screen is locked, you can call Alice and search for something on the network with a voice or text request.

Source: Iphones RU

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