This portable battery has 10,000 mAh and is on sale for half the price

We recommend a high-capacity external battery with a retail price of 19.99 euros

This portable battery has a steep discount on Amazon

The external battery market for iPhone a wide collection of products ready to give your smartphone an extra boost of energy. There are large capacity batteries, others are smaller in size, the other has multiple charging ports… Sometimes it is difficult to choose which one is best for your iPhone.

But things get a lot easier when an external battery has an impressive discount on Amazon, like the portable battery from manufacturer INIU. Original price is 38 euros but it is currently on sale 47% discount and only 19.99 euros. Highly recommended external battery for iPhone, iPad, AirPods and other devices.

INIU external battery

Good, beautiful and cheap: a portable external battery for your iPhone

If you’re looking for an external battery to extend the battery life of your iPhone and iPad, the Amazon offer we recommend today is the ideal option. This is an external battery with capacity. 10000mAh It has a thin and light design that can be carried anywhere.

The thickness of INIU portable battery is only 1.5cm and it is very light, weighing only 198 grams. Also, a high speed charging (3A) This allows you to charge your iPhone battery up to 78% in just 1 hour.


INIU external battery with 10000 mAh capacity

INIU AutoFit recognizes your device’s ideal speed and adjusts accordingly; Charges twice as fast as a 2.1A charger.

Have one USB-C input and output port and two USB-A portsThat is, it has the capacity to charge up to 3 devices simultaneously. Ideal if you need to charge the battery of your iPhone, iPad or AirPods wherever you are, without having to connect them to electricity.

It is a very inexpensive external battery that is now half the price and has very positive customer reviews on Amazon. Highly recommended.

INIU external battery

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