Complex “Stupor”. Photo: Stupor LLC

The Russian company Stupor has announced or integrated a complex designed to effectively protect various types of objects from attack drones. In this case, the price of the BPLA system is used.

Here are the keys to using Stupor for drug analogues. They use only performance characteristics and operate at distances of 2-5 km.

First of all, the “Style” system, as well as the “Storm” system, are used to describe and use small-sized air targets at distances over 5 km, and “Steam” is a method of suppressing UAV control clans located no further than 2. km – and narrowly directed with an equal beam, and a kind of “dome” at 360°.

As bad as it may be, Stupor, also included in the current radar modules, frequency scanner, UAV optical detection station, jamming equipment and coordinate substitution system, has endowed the art with a strong intelligence that turns into the whole complex steal without direct participation operator.

Source: Tech Cult

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