The number of passenger electric vehicles in Russia increased by 75% in 2023, according to traffic police data.

By the end of last year, 39.7 thousand were read. For comparison: in 2019 there were 2.8 thousand electric cars, in 2020 – 7.5 thousand, in 2021 – 14 thousand, and in 2022 – 22.5 thousand.

The largest increase in electric vehicles was recorded in Moscow: from 1.65 thousand to 7.34 thousand. In St. Petersburg, Tatarstan and the Krasnodar Territory, the number of electric vehicles has doubled on average. In Chukotka in 2022 there was not a single registered electric car – now there is one.

The number of hybrid cars in Russia increased by 61% over the year, from 135 thousand to 219 thousand. Most often, new hybrids are registered in the Far East and Siberia. In the Primorsky Territory, the number of hybrids increased over the year from 27 thousand to 37 thousand, and in the Irkutsk region from 7.2 thousand to 12.6 thousand.

The total number of passenger cars of all types increased from 50.6 million to 51.5 million. Electric vehicles account for 0.07% of all registered cars. [Коммерсантъ]

Source: Iphones RU

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