In addition to revealing more details about the Galaxy Ring and its new health tracking features, Samsung also showed off a futuristic smartphone concept at MWC 2024. The model in question is a mobile phone with a flexible screen that can even be wrapped around the wrist.

The name of the concept in question Cling Tape (or “sticky bracelet”, freely translated into Brazilian Portuguese). It is a malleable OLED display that can adapt to a surface and be used in different ways according to the user’s taste or need.

Cell phone or watch? Both at once!

The Cling Band can be folded around the wrist and act as a sort of oversized smartwatch. Moreover, it manages to remain flat, in the form of a smartphone that is slightly smaller and thinner than traditional models.

The design is simplified, but There’s room for the bottom speaker and USB-C port to charge. The device also has a rear cameraHowever, the decision was not announced by the brand.

next to a heart rate monitoring sensorIt is only activated when the device is wrapped around your wrist.

Samsung has held the patent for flexible displays like this for years, but prototypes are only now turning into fully functional models. In addition to the brand, Rival Motorola also introduced a mobile phone with a foldable screen As a concept at MWC 2024.

Flexible screen mobile phone with traditional usage.

In addition to the Cling Band, Samsung also exhibited other flexible OLED displays that can be used in different contexts at its exhibition stand. So far all concepts are in the experimental stage and No such products have been confirmed for commercial launch by the manufacturer.

Source: Tec Mundo

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