In 2023, customers of the Gazpromneft gas station network increased the number of fuel bonuses transferred to charities by 14%, to more than 9.5 million. The support of motorists allowed the LisaAlert team teams to refuel 180,000 liters and travel around 1.4 million kilometers to search for missing people, as well as provide palliative care at home to around 300 children through the Casa’s mobile services with a Lighthouse children’s hospice.

Customers of the Gazpromneft gas station network donated more than 180 thousand liters of fuel to charitable projects

The “Refuel for Search” project of the Gazprom Neft and LisaAlert gas station networks has helped find and return home about 100,000 adults and children in three years. Since last year, participants in the “On Our Path” loyalty program have had the opportunity, in addition to refueling LisaAlert teams, to share their bonuses for refueling the cars of visiting teams and palliative care doctors of the House with a Lighthouse children’s hospice.

In 2023, the number of clients regularly providing charitable assistance through the Gazpromneft network’s mobile application increased by 22% to about 36 thousand.

“The charitable programs of the Gazprom Neft gas station network are focused and aimed at ensuring that the effect of their implementation is as significant and long-term as possible. We greatly appreciate the fact that more and more of our customers share the company’s desire to develop an atmosphere of mutual assistance and care for the needy in society. “We intend to further enhance our digital tools to make the charitable giving process even more accessible and convenient.”— Dmitry Shepelsky, regional sales director of Gazprom Neft.


Irina Pecherskaya

Source: RB

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