The burger chain Black Star Burger will test a new format of establishment and will change the name of the establishment on Arbat, in the center of Moscow, to “Black Star Burger and Champagne”, writes Kommersant referring to the co-owner of the chain, Yuri Levitas.

Black Star Burger will sell alcohol in establishments


The company plans to obtain a license for alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of up to 16% and update the concept. If this format is popular with customers, the network franchisees will be recommended to rebrand. expert Anna Rozhdestvenskaya believes that such an incompatible and often shocking format may not resonate with a wide audience. In addition, franchisees almost always have a negative attitude towards innovations that require additional investments. This means some of Black Star Burger’s regional partners will reject reconception if it is advisory in nature, she said.

Previously, Yuri Levitas, using the example of his company, spoke to RB.RU about how to exaggerate for the benefit of companies and even uncontrollable even one action for the benefit of the company.


Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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