Intel has acknowledged that some of its new Alder Lake processors are conflicting with browsers such as: Chrome and Edge This causes exaggerated slowness during use. The problem is here models with integrated GPU.

Apparently the GPU driver doesn’t communicate very well with Chromium based browsers. This results in a “half frozen” scan, according to Intel itself. A one-click response can take up to two seconds, with delays and interruptions in moving the page.

How is it resolved?

The issue affects Intel UHD Graphics 770 processors, including models 12900, 12700, 12600, and 12500. Unfortunately, Intel doesn’t have a patch or update yet to fix the situation.

Instead, the company has suggestions that can help reduce slowness in Alder Lake processors. This is the kind of thing every company recommends in these situations, starting with making sure all software and drivers are up to date, to recommending a clean install of Intel’s graphics driver.

A tip that may have been tried by fewer users turn off browser hardware acceleration. To do this in Chrome, go to the browser settings and find the panel called “system”. Same thing in Edge, with the difference that the panel is called “system and performance”.

Source: Tec Mundo

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