instagram included one of the functions most requested by users (and this is not the most feed chronological). Social network will allow you to edit private messages which you send to your contacts, a useful option in case a spelling error creeps in or you forget to add a phrase or word. This will replace the trick of unsending and composing a new message, an alternative used by some on the platform.

In a post published on Meta, Instagram announced the news coming to Instagram. Editable messages are similar to what we see on WhatsApp, where you can change the content within the first 15 minutes after they have been sent.

To do this, you simply need to click on the message and select the “Edit” option from the drop-down menu. If you make changes, a label will be added to let the recipient know you did it.. It is important to note that the user could read the original message if they had notifications enabled.

Editing messages is not the only setting that falls into this section. Instagram announced that will allow you to pin up to three chats to your inbox. This is another feature borrowed from WhatsApp to make it easier to communicate with friends or family. To pin them to the top of your conversation list, simply tap on the chat (or swipe left) and select Pin from the drop-down menu.

Edit Direct Messages on Instagram

Instagram becomes WhatsApp

The Instagram update also includes new tools to improve communication. Now you can save stickers and add them to your favorites list to use them in another chat. Stickers are an integral part of messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram or Messenger. stickers what you save will be added at the top, next to the AI ​​button.

Finally, Instagram chats have new themes to celebrate the launch Dune 2 And Avatar: The Last Airbender. Themes change the background image and colors of the conversation, similar to what we see on WhatsApp. Instagram promised this some of them will get animated versions in a future update.

Favorite stickers on Instagram
Topics in Instagram chats

According to Instagram director Adam Mosseri, the updates reflect the changes the platform has undergone in recent years. “If you look at what people share or how they express their creativity, the main medium is direct messages. More photos and videos are sent in DM every day.whether through Stories or in the feed,” he noted in the publication.

While editing messages and favorite stickers has been well received, among all the new features one tweak to Settings stands out. Instagram now lets you turn off read receipts, so you can open chats without the other person knowing about it. Read receipts are equivalent whatsapp blue double checkone of the functions that almost all users disable.

Changes to Instagram are now available and made from the server, so you don’t have to go to the Play Store to update the app. If you don’t see them yet, wait a bit as the rollout may be gradual.

Source: Hiper Textual

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