Google Gemini won’t be able to answer your election questions. The company will limit some artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot interactions related to the election period in all countries with upcoming votes.

To: chatbot response restrictions now come into effectGoogle reported. The measure is expected to interfere with the speech of users in the US, where elections are scheduled to be held in November this year.

Google Gemini selections

“Due to the extreme attention to such an important issue, we have begun to impose restrictions on the types of election-related questions that Gemini will respond to. We take seriously our responsibility to provide high-quality information for these types of queries and are working to continually improve our protections,” Google explained.

When the user asks something election season-related about candidates, politicians or parties, Gemini says it’s “still learning how to answer the question” and suggests using the search engine to find more information. The chatbot can still be encouraged to talk about the topic, but will prevent any obvious interaction on the subject.

In tests conducted by TecMundoGoogle Gemini is already showing the new message stating that Search Engine is the best alternative.

Google’s concern

Although Gemini is not considered a search engine, the public can use it to quickly and concisely check information, and Google seems to know this. The company prevents the chatbot from being used as an election tool by restricting election-related responses.

In a way, the company prevents possible mistakes that the chatbot could make on this sensitive issue. In February, Google decided to suspend the rendering of images on Gemini due to “inaccuracies in some historical representations,” according to the text description, proving that the AI ​​assistant remains prone to bugs.

For now, it’s unclear whether Gemini will return to talking more directly about the elections after the election season. But the truth is It also responds to these issues in regions where there will be no elections in the coming months..

Source: Tec Mundo

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