Foreign appliance manufacturers have begun to limit parallel imports to Russia; Companies are adding a clause prohibiting re-exports to contracts with partners from other countries. In addition, manufacturers are taking measures to block the placement of products on the markets. One of those companies is Electrolux Group.

Foreign equipment manufacturers began to ban parallel imports to Russia.


M.Video-Eldorado CEO Sergey Li stated that today Electrolux products are already “represented in a limited volume” on the network.

As a source from another large Russian chain told Kommersant, they have had Electrolux products since February 2022.

In addition, the Swedish company is trying to prevent the marketing of its products, even in the markets, says Dmitry Levin, general director of the Large Appliances department at Marvel Distribution. He added that the SEB Group (Tefal, Braun, Rowenta brands) tries to avoid parallel imports of its products.

Update 15:10: As the press service of M.Video-Eldorado informed RB.RU, there is no shortage of Groupe SEB products on the network. The company’s commercial director, Oleg Muravyov, clarified that “in the group’s stores and online sales channels there has recently been an expansion of the product range” of this manufacturer.

A source from a publication on the market of home appliance retailers explained that Western manufacturers, when concluding supply contracts in other countries, prohibit the re-export of products to Russia. This practice began in 2022, with some brands imposing fines on offending partners.

In the fall of 2022, the Swedish Electrolux group sold its Russian business to local management and the company left the Russian market with a loss of $32.7 million.


Natalia Gormaleva

Source: RB

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