Samsung president and MX business leader TM Roh revealed that Galaxy AI tools will most likely be rolled out to older models. The executive stated in an interview that the company is considering releasing tools with artificial intelligence (AI) for mobile phones older than the Galaxy S23, including the Galaxy S22 series.

For now, there is no guarantee that Galaxy AI will be released for older phones. According to Roh, the limited hardware is still an important obstacle to overcome in these devices.

Samsung manager announced that, contrary to expectations, Galaxy S22 may receive Galaxy AI features.

Roh explains that Galaxy AI is taking a “hybrid processing” approach to AI tools, with some of it happening in the cloud and some happening on the device. Adopting this method, the company frees users from sharing data with the cloud, guaranteeing agility in less demanding tools for local components, as well as providing greater privacy to the user.

but this strategy restricts Galaxy AI tools’ compatibility with newer handsets, now built with souped-up chipsets for AI processing. The executive points out that older mobile phones are not powerful enough to handle such tasks.

To get around this limitation, Samsung will need to move data processing to servers, which will require improvements to the service’s infrastructure. Additionally, expanding Galaxy AI compatibility means a significant increase in the tool’s user base, thus increasing data throughput.

Now, It’s impossible to say if Galaxy AI will reach older models, but Roh’s statement is good news. When the platform was launched, Samsung made it clear that the functions would be exclusive to the Galaxy S23 and Galaxy S24 series.

Source: Tec Mundo

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