The beta version of WhatsApp has added a feature to transcribe voice messages. For it to work, you need to download an additional 150 MB module. The full release date of the feature is still unknown.

WhatsApp beta now has a feature to transcribe voice messages.


WhatsApp* is testing a feature to transcribe voice messages to text. The tool appeared in the beta version of the messenger.

For the function to work, it is necessary to load an additional 150 MB voice recognition module into the smartphone’s memory.

Only Android smartphone owners can try the new feature. The full release date of the decryptor is still unknown.

Previously, WhatsApp announced the ban on screenshots of profile photos and also allowed pinning messages in chats.

*belongs to MetaPlataformas, whose activities are recognized as extremist in the Russian Federation and are prohibited


Kirill Bilyk

Source: RB

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