The aim of the project is to introduce schoolchildren to educational opportunities in technological universities, to develop skills in information technology, robotics and other modern fields. The game will consist of 10 chapters, each of which will open new worlds and technologies to players.

A special feature of the project will be the ability of players to develop their virtual characters by participating in the events of the national cyberphysics platform “Berloga”. The game will also link to the student’s profile on the platform, which will help connect the player’s experience with their participation in the virtual world.

The head of the environmental movement NTI expressed hope that the “Talented Bear” will attract both schoolchildren who are curious about technology and those who have not yet thought about the future in this field. The game will appeal to both high school students who are passionate about mathematics and physics, and those who are interested in computer games and blogs but do not know how to reconcile their interests with their future profession.

Source: Ferra

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