Artificial intelligence (AI) platform that generates images DALL-E 3 It gained new features this week. The service, from the same OpenAI that owns ChatGPT, now has better integration with the chatbot.

OpenAI itself said in a post on the old Twitter X from now on Using ChatGPT it is possible to make edits to images artificially created by DALL-E.. The functionality is available for browsers and applications for Android and iOS mobile devices.

In practice, this means that any user can request minor changes to an image from the system via text messages. without having to repeat the prompt or think of new commands. This way you can add objects, change the color of an element, and change the details of a scene.

The service even lets you select the fields to change, making it easier for the system to understand the edit to be made.

The integration is activated by clicking on one of the results generated by DALL-E and runs in a text box like any chatbot in the same format.

DALL-E now suggests art styles

Another addition to the platform is to help those who want to get inspired on what kind of illustration they might want from the robot.

The addition is as follows: a series of icons above the text box with suggested artistic styles for you to add responsible. These are not mandatory, but they make the prompt more complete and, as a result, more likely to be understood by the AI ​​the way the author intended.

Tips include some popular formats on the platform (surreal, manga-like, or watercolor-like, for example) and also include thumbnails of ready-made results so the user can get an idea of ​​the results.

DALL-E generative AI, now in its third generation, is a function exclusive to subscribers of the paid version of ChatGPT. Recently, the platform began testing the addition of watermarks when creating images to identify artificially created illustrations.

Source: Tec Mundo

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