After years of rumors, it seems that the reality behind the alleged next silent Hill is rapidly approaching. Today, according to Gematsuhypothesis was found Silent Hill: Short Message. This game could be the next and highly anticipated iteration of the horror franchise..

As assured by Gematsu, Silent Hill: Short Message was disclosed by the Game Classification and Management Committee in South Korea. In the same time, UNIANA will be responsible for publishing the game. This company is well known for publishing other games developed by Konami in this country.

Despite published information, the platforms on which the new game will be released are unknown.. In fact, some media outlets are predicting that it could be a collection of titles. It could even be a new slot machine game, a sector in which UNIANA has shown significant interest in recent years.

Will we see an AAA game anytime soon? silent Hill?

Rumors about a possible silent Hill for the new generation. After cancellation quiet hills in 2015, fans of the franchise did not lose hope. As such, we’ve gone through several alleged leaks from a possible title developed by the Bloober team responsible for Averageto the widespread rumor that linked abandonedfrom Bluebox.

Another recent rumor claims that silent Hill can get treatment similar to the one in the saga resident Evil. Thus, Konami will think about making remakes of old games, as is the case with Silent Hill 2. The franchise didn’t have much of a past with remastering their classics, but perhaps they could hit the mark if that turns out to be true.

However, because Konami recently announced remasters of the first two parts of the game. Suikoden, hope can not be completely lost. What yes, still filtering Silent Hill: Short Message it’s the closest we’ve had to something official in recent years.

Konami, for its part, was reluctant to make statements confirming or denying any of the rumors. If you are still interested in continuing the saga, this is the time to take advantage of anticipation, drought and nostalgia endured lovers silent Hill to reap great success.

Source: Hiper Textual

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