The Ministry of Industry and Trade included the Delta Sprut module from Delta Computers LLC in the register of radioelectronic products. It allows you to connect up to 16 graphics processors (GPUs), Vedomosti discovered.

The Ministry of Industry and Trade included the first Russian AI server in the registry


Previously, the list only included servers with the option to connect a GPU, capable of performing simpler tasks such as rendering photos and videos.

The Delta Computers module is an independent mini-server into which several video cards can be inserted, explains Dmitry Ovchinnikov, chief specialist of the department of integrated information security systems at Gazinformservice.

It can also be connected to existing servers and therefore the servers can use the computing power of multiple video cards simultaneously.

GPUs make it possible to simultaneously perform a large number of similar calculations in one sequence, for example, working with 3D graphics, a variety of video data, virtual desktops without delays, mentioned Igor Golenky, commercial director of the engineering company Uralenergotel.

In the spring of 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, thanks to the introduction of a point system, halved the list of electronic products from Russian manufacturers. To obtain a certificate of origin for a product, you must contact the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, on the basis of which the Ministry of Industry and Trade makes a conclusion. Electronic registry products receive preferences in public procurement.

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Karina Pardaeva

Source: RB

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