The video of a mother who was surprised to learn that her daughter no longer uses Google to do research, but rather TikTok, shows the reality that younger generations are experiencing. Lawyer Stephane Rocha’s broadcast in December 2023 reached more than 775 thousand views on the social network known for its viral dances at the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic.

This phenomenon is not just a temporary trend, but part of a well-developed strategy by TikTok’s parent company ByteDance. this is prone position the platform as a search engine and a new frontier for online commerce.

TikTok’s growing popularity as a search engine is not just limited to Generation Alpha born after 2010, but also includes Generation Z born between 1995-2009.

This shift in consumer behavior raises intriguing questions about the future of competition between TikTok and Google and whether we are witnessing the emergence of a new giant in the world of online search.

Does TikTok have the potential to become the next Google? Follow us as we analyze the competition between these two platforms and the transformations this conflict can bring to the internet universe.

Has TikTok surpassed Google?

TikTok has become an increasingly popular search platform among young people, even surpassing giant Google in some respects.

In an internal study published by Google in 2022, It turns out that 40% of teens already use TikTok as a search toolInformation that unexpectedly comes to light during a Fortune event.

@stephane_adv I feel like a grandma now…#google #geracaoalpha #adolescentes #funny #surprise? original audio – Stéphane Rocha | Lawyer

This trend appears to have consolidated over the years, as a survey by Adobe shows 64% of young centenarians (born between 1995 and 2010) He chose TikTok instead of Google When searching for information such as places to eat.

TikTok’s rise as a search platform is not limited to its international version. Douyin, the Chinese version, already offers search capabilities for local businesses, restaurants and other services.

This expansion marks a significant change in consumer behavior, who are now more inclined to use TikTok as their main source of information and entertainment, despite the offerings of Google services such as opening hours and establishment reviews.

The short video format characteristic of TikTok has proven to be an extremely important factor in influencing consumer behavior.

According to VidMob, a creative intelligence platform, Short videos generate 30% more sales than photosdemonstrates the medium’s power to captivate and engage young and adult audiences.

Why did Generation Z turn TikTok into a new search engine?

TikTok’s ability to deliver accurate results quickly and in an interesting way may be the answer to this question in the first place. The platform’s algorithm accurately conveys information without the need for context.

They are usually presented in a format by subject matter experts. audiovisual, which requires less consumption time than text readingAs is common with Google.

Another big difference with TikTok is that it offers tips from ordinary people and direct answers to users’ questions, offering a shortcut to searching for the desired information.

This approach creates a more intimate, personal connection between users and creators who share real experiences, test products, and provide candid reviews. This is highly valued by Generation Z, who are accustomed to more authentic interactions on social media.


This transparency is especially appreciated when compared to other platforms such as YouTube. The constant presence of ads can compromise credibility of knowledge.

On the other hand, the dangers of relying solely on TikTok as a source of information lie in the platform’s much smaller repository of content than that offered by Google.

The results are more superficial than traditional research, making it easier for fake news to go viral.

What are the similarities between TikTok and Google?

Both TikTok and Google share similarities in terms of their mission and approach towards establishing themselves as indispensable platforms in the daily lives of internet users. This includes:

  • Use of recommendation algorithms;
  • Emphasis on user experience;
  • Global presence;
  • Advertising-based business model;
  • And investment in technological innovation.

From its inception, ByteDance aimed to create a super app. It’s a goal that mirrors Google’s trajectory over the last few decades, where the company has become omnipresent in both the personal and professional spaces of web users.

despite TikTok still has a long way to go Being a direct competitor to Google As the search engine of choice, the results achieved so far show that this future is closer than we imagined.

Just look at the growing importance of digital influencers on the app: the influence on Generation Z’s decisions and the growing preference for audiovisual content for learning, entertainment, or consuming products and services.

Are the days of “Give Me a Google” numbered?

The challenge for Google now is to remain relevant as a search engine. The need to meet the criteria of the giant’s search algorithm has led to the creation of a lot of machine-optimized content, often forgetting about the user’s perspective.

Big Tech responded to this question as follows: Updates to their algorithms to prioritize original, objective contentas well as investing in technologies such as AI search and visual results to improve the search experience.

In short, a technological dispute that creates and stimulates new dynamics between users and brands on the web, promising more interesting pages for the future of digital media!

Source: Tec Mundo

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