WITH Bride!versatile actor Christian Bale is going to add a new record to his filmography. The performer will become none other than Frankenstein’s monster himself. Legendary characters of cinema and horror literature, actors of the level Boris Karloff, Glenn Strange, Christopher Lee, Robert DeNiro or Luke Goss. Thus, the British will join a considerable list, headed by the director. Maggie Gyllenhaal.

The film will hit theaters in late 2025, so it’s still a long way off. bale In battle. But Warner Bros. already released first images project. And they didn’t save anything. In the first of them, the actor fully appears as a huge creature. A tattoo of “Hope” can be seen on his scarred chest and collarbone. Actor’s face Bride! It has clearly been aged and retouched to give it a much more corpse-like appearance.

The second image does not focus on Frankenstein’s monster. Christian Bale but in the Bride. The character he plays Jessie Buckley, the one who gives the film its title. The actress appeared with bright black lipstick smeared all over her cheek. Both will bear the brunt of the film, which will also feature them Penelope Cruz, Peter Sarsgaard or Annette Bening.

Story Bride! This will be a remake Bride of Frankenstein1935 The action will take place in Chicago in the 1930s. Doctor Frankenstein I’ll ask for help Doctor Euphronius to create a companion together. For such a formidable task they will use the corpse of a murdered woman. However, his work will spark an unexpected romance. Moreover, it will obviously attract the attention of the police and cause social unrest.


In the back Bride!

In addition to its iconic history, great value Bride! is located on your computer. bale He is one of the most beloved actors of the last 20 years. 2010 Oscar winner for fighterwas also an unforgettable Batman dark knight trilogy from Christopher Nolan, among many other very recognizable roles. In its turn, Buckley knows very well Maggie Gyllenhaalsince he has already participated in Dark daughter“, a film for which the actress was nominated for an Oscar.

Curious, Bride! This isn’t the only adaptation of the monster fable in development. Netflix has a project with Guillermo del Toro. They were going to star in this movie Andrew Garfield as a creature, but was eventually replaced Jacob Elordi. Will be next to him Oscar Isaac, Christoph Waltz, Mia Goth And Felix Kammerer. However, unlike Bride!does not yet have a planned release date.

Source: Hiper Textual

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