Delivery Club has added an option to the app to order an eco-taxi, which will carry up to 500 liters of recyclable materials for recycling at a time. The service has launched a pilot project together with the Assembly ecocenter, the Delivery Club said in a statement.

Delivery Club launched an eco-taxi service to recycle

Raw materials are collected by "Assembly" drivers from an apartment or office. The cost of the service will be 1.2 thousand rubles. Delivery PRO subscribers will have a discount for ordering ecotaxi.

"Assembly" accepts more than 40 types of recyclable materials (plastic, waste paper, metal and electrical waste, etc.) and sends them to almost 40 factories throughout Russia. In addition to recyclables, the Ecocentro accepts clothing and donates it to charity and recycling.

“We see that many of our users have a need for a conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Our goal is to make the implementation of this need more convenient,” said the press service of the Delivery Club.

Delivery Club clarified to RB.RU that “all proceeds go to Assembly”.

The pilot project begins in Moscow, then it is planned to expand it. You can find the ecocenter in the banner at the top of the app.


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Source: RB

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