Potential applications include hand tracking for virtual reality, controlling smartphones and other devices with hand gestures, and understanding user actions.

EchoWrist is one of SciFi Lab’s newest body posture tracking technologies. The lab is headed by computer science professor Cheng Zhang. For the first time, the lab is taking its technology beyond the body. The device tracks not only the hand but also objects and the environment.

EchoWrist uses two small speakers mounted above and below the band to reflect quiet sounds from the hand and the objects it holds. Two nearby microphones pick up the echoes, which are interpreted by the microcontroller. A small battery powers the device.

The team developed a neural network to interpret the user’s hand posture based on audio signals. During testing, the device successfully identified objects and actions with 97.6% accuracy.

In addition to improving interaction with smartwatches and other devices, EchoWrist can also be used to copy hand movements in virtual reality applications, according to the researchers.

Source: Ferra

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