Choosing the ideal refrigerator can be a complicated task as there are many brands and models available on the market. With the ever-developing technology, each product offers different features and functions.

To help you with this choice, we have selected refrigerator brands that stand out with their quality and offer a variety of options, from the simplest to the most technological. Use the TecMundo Coupon coupon to enjoy benefits such as special discounts and free shipping when purchasing the device.

What should be considered when choosing a refrigerator?

Regardless of the brand of the refrigerator, it is important to evaluate some features before purchasing, such as:

  • Size and capacity: Consider the number of people in the house as well as the space in the kitchen. While larger families may need models over 400 liters, compact models for single people or couples will meet their needs well.
  • Defrost type: Frost-free (or frost-free) models are the most practical as they do not rely on manual defrosting. These refrigerators are designed to prevent ice from forming in the freezer and refrigerator.
  • Functionalities: Consider whether you want extra features such as a water and ice dispenser, separate temperature control for the refrigerator and freezer, or innovative technologies such as glass doors that allow you to see inside the refrigerator.

Top 7 refrigerator brands

1. Brastemp

Brastemp is one of the most traditional brands in Brazil and a reference in home appliances.. Known for its quality, durability and sophisticated design, the brand offers a wide range of models, from the most basic to the most advanced, with innovative technologies such as the Embraco Compressor, which guarantees greater energy savings and silence.

The Brazilian brand has effective technical support, launched the first frost-free model in 1983 and has continued to evolve ever since. Brastemp Frost Free French Door BRO85AK modelFor example, It has A+++ inverter technology that provides energy savings of up to 30%Turbo freezer function to cool food and drinks faster.

2nd Consul

Consul is another Brazilian brand that has been around for decades and offers products that are good value for money. From the simplest single-door refrigerators and built-in freezers to upside-down and evox options, Consul is known for its practicality, energy efficiency and easy-to-use technology.

One of Consul’s affordable models is the CRE44BB refrigerator, which has a capacity of 397 liters, a freezer underneath, an electronic panel that can control the temperature of the refrigerator and freezer independently, and a turbo freezer function that allows food to be frozen faster. . .

3. Electrolux

With a wide variety of models, Global brand Electrolux can serve different audiencesIt offers the same quality, from the simplest and most compact refrigerators to more advanced technology options.

In top-end models, One of the differences is AutoSense technology, which controls the temperature using Artificial Intelligence. and extends the life of food by up to 30%. Another feature that can be found is the TasteGuard filter, which keeps the refrigerator more hygienic and fresh by eliminating bad odors caused by bacteria.


Do you wish to have more technological refrigerator models? Bet on Samsung, which is known for its modern and stylish design as well as having innovative products. It is possible to find refrigerators in different color and coating options such as black, stainless steel, white and even navy blue.

If the goal is to guarantee a top-notch refrigerator, the French Door Family Hub model has a more energy-saving digital inverter motor, a water and ice dispenser, and an easy-to-replace water filter. However, the main difference is that it has an internet-connected front panel that offers users entertainment and organization: Thanks to this, it is possible to watch TV, listen to music, and access the family’s appointment calendar. Even when you are away from home, it is possible to connect the device to your mobile phone and see what is in the refrigerator.

5. LG

LG is another South Korean brand that offers refrigerators with high technology and modern design.. The brand has products with special technologies, such as the InstaView Door-in-Door system, which allows you to see the inside of the refrigerator without opening the door with just two light touches on the panel. Up to 41%. The panel is a dark, mirrored glass that retains the modern design when not active.

Models with Wi-Fi connectivity allow you to control temperature and settings remotely using an app. Compared to other brands, it does not offer much choice in terms of compact and affordable refrigerators, because LG’s offer is to offer modern products with special design.



There are a variety of models with different capabilities and functions to meet different budgets and needs. In addition to its durability and low noise level, Panasonic is also known for its energy efficiency with an A+++ rating in the Inmetro table.

Specially designed models include Panasonic Diamond Glass with mirror-coated glass door; and limited edition Panasonic Star Wars designed specifically for fans of the saga.

7. Philco

The main advantage of Philco refrigerators is cost-benefit. You can find compact stainless steel models as well as modern versions at competitive prices. An example of this is the Philco Side By Side refrigerator, where the refrigerator and freezer are side by side, making smart use of vertical space.

A standout model is the Philco French Door Eco Inverter PRF380I, which has a freezer on the bottom and a double door on top. The refrigerator features Smart Cooling technology, which distributes cold air evenly, preserving food better.

Where to find the best brands?

It is important to evaluate your needs and research prices before purchasing your new refrigerator. A good option for online shopping is Casas Bahia, Brazil’s largest home appliance retailer, offering a wide selection of refrigerators from top brands on the market.

For greater product durability, you can opt for the extended warranty via the website; express delivery or pick-up option from the nearest physical store; Ease of payment with the possibility of splitting by credit card or digital payment card. Use Casas Bahia coupon to save even more.

Source: Tec Mundo

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