Create your dream lock screen

HyperOS lets you unleash your “creativity” by offering a variety of lock screen designs, fonts, and clock styles. Play with colors, add depth effects and personalize your lock screen to perfectly suit your style.

Easier photo management with gallery

HyperOS takes photo management to the next level. The new Gallery app has a smart photo cropping feature that makes it easy to highlight, remove objects or change the background. Plus, the Recommended tab keeps frequently used editing options at your fingertips.

Dynamic cutting

Inspired by Dynamic Island on iPhone, HyperOS offers its own version. This subtle visual element adds elegance when plugging in a charger, activating Battery Saver, or entering Do Not Disturb mode.

Optimized control center

HyperOS has abandoned icon shortcuts in favor of minimalism, but don’t worry; You can easily bring them back if you want. For better visibility, enjoy larger icons all displayed on one scrollable screen for quick access. Music lovers will also appreciate the dedicated music player shortcut.

Multitask effortlessly

HyperOS optimizes multitasking, making it easier to manage multiple applications simultaneously. Use handy shortcut icons to change the location of the split screen or close floating application windows.

Intrusive software? we don’t need this

HyperOS allows you to uninstall most pre-installed applications. This feature has been available for a long time and saves valuable storage space and potentially improves performance.

Source: Ferra

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